Local Grants

The following are some examples of the best and most noticeable local grants offered to individuals and business entities.

Local Philadelphia Grant

This grant is focused on helping and assisting small businesses in the state of Philly; and is usually utilized to improve storefronts, paintings, facades, windows, doors, signages, lighting, etc. Its reimbursement program can offer or cover up to 50% of the total cost of the project.

The maximum award given to entities would be $10,000 for each property, but it can go as high as $15,000 for commercial developments and businesses with multiple branches. To qualify, you, as a business, need to submit written approval to the city council, as well as a letter about why you need to be the one awarded the grant.

Local Miami County Grant

This Miami County, Ohio focused grant offers about $750K of funds to new small businesses. Also known as Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Grant Program, the program takes its part of the country’s funds from the ARPA or the American Recovery Plan Act.

If you are a traditional business; if you have negatively been affected by COVID, then you can apply for up to $25,000. Moreover, online businesses can also apply for these grants, which can go as high as $10K in reimbursement expenses that have been done after the 3rd of March 2021. The deadline for this grant’s application is the 31st of May 2022.

Local New Growing MI Business Grant

The new Growing MI Business grant program has a climax or a peak of $409 million in funding to businesses across the state. Furthermore, the grant states that businesses that they can assist vary – and they wouldn’t have any type of category in assisting and funding these businesses. These include entertainment venues, restaurants, hotels, barber shops, gyms, and restaurants, among others.

To qualify for grants of up to $5 million, businesses must be in operation before the 1st of October 2019. Moreover, it also needs to fit into one of several predetermined categories. However, businesses that began operating between the 1st of October 2019 and the 31st of May 2020 are also eligible to receive smaller grants, covering up to 25% of certain costs accrued during the pandemic, and it has a deadline until the 31st of March for the applications.

Local Small Business Advantage Grant

This Pennsylvania-directed grant is offering funding for businesses and organizations for the purpose of improving companies and entities to make them more efficient, and energy-effective. The availability of funding can be at a peak of $1 million for small businesses.

The program is running on a first-come, first-served basis, giving grants up to a maximum of $9,500. To be eligible, your small business needs to save a minimum of $500, and 25% on annual energy pollution and consumption expenses.

National Grants

Under these grants are granted that are offered to businesses that aren’t a part of the minority of region and geographic location.

USDA Rural Business Development Grants

This national grant has been established to provide training and technical assistance to small businesses in the city or in rural areas. On average, the grant that’ll be awarded to eligible entities ranges between $10,000 and $500,000.

You can apply for the grant for community economic development, training, technical assistance, pollution control, transportation improvement, strategic planning, and many more! You’re eligible for the USDA Rural Business Development Grant (RBDG) if you have 50 workers or less. Visit the USDA website to learn more about how you can apply for the grant in your state!

Asian Women Giving Circle Grants

If you’re a woman and you have a small business or an organization you’re leading, then you can apply for the AWGC or the Asian Women Giving Circle Grants. The committee awards grants that are about $15,000 per project, but it’s not limited to one (1). In fact, the total number of grants to be awarded will depend on the funding availability.

To be eligible for this grant, the projects need to be in relation to the promotion of social awareness, arts, and culture, as well as relationships affecting Asian-American women and their families –lastly, the projects need to be located in New York City. You can apply for the grant online!

Fast Break For Small Business Grants

This grant caters to businesses and organizations that are controlled and operated by African-American people, as well as other races, and its goal is to generate funding for the development of the business. It’s sponsored by the NBA, WNBA, as well as LegalZoom.

The maximum available funding is $6 million, which is spread out to about 5,000 small businesses nationwide. The award will be distributed in increments of $10,000 and given in an orderly fashion. The application for the Fast Break For Small Business Grants (FBSBG) will open in the spring of 2022; you can sign up online!

USDA Water & Waste Disposal

The USDA water & waste disposal or the USWWD is a program that grants funding to nonprofit organizations, such as water systems, waste disposal, water drainage, and other companies of the like. The Grant amount will depend on the type of business, as well as the overall financing costs needed by the organization to be covered.

If you’re an organization under this particular criteria, you can take advantage of this grant to gain financial assistance for startup expenses, engineering fees, permits, land acquisition, etc. Apply for this USDA grant by accessing their website and speaking with a representative; it’s available once a year!

National Black MBA Association Scale-Up Pitch Challenge

More commonly known as the scale-up pitch challenge, this program is focused and directed at businesses or startups that are initiated and funded by an African American individual. The primary goal of the program is to assist startups by connecting them with venture capitalists, as well as providing funding.

For the idea that’ll be selected, the grand prize will be a grant amounting to $50,000. To apply, you simply need to do a virtual pitch to judges and share your business idea. The flexibility of the grant will award you the cash prize, nothing more, nothing less!

FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

This program is one of the few “stand-up” types of grants and programs engineered to help and assist businesses that struggled in the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of ten (10) small businesses will have the chance to be awarded the package.

The grand prize for those who would take the win would be a $50,000 grant, where $4,000 will be in the form of FedEx Office credits; and the first place will be a $20,000 grant, with $1,500 in FedEx Office credits. To apply, you simply need to create a FedEx account, and then enter the grant contest! Winners will be announced between March 22nd to 31st, 2022 – while the grand winner will be announced on the 4th of May!

The Coalition to Back Black Businesses

As a form of partnership from various brands, companies, and organizations, the coalition to back black businesses is a program that is open to releasing up to $14m million in minority resources, grants, as well as training sessions in a span of four (4) years.

Businesses that would be selected will all be given grants amounting to $5,000 every fall. But wait, there’s more! The grant would also be in combination with mentorship and training benefits. For its eligibility, the enterprise or the organization needs to be black-owned, and the location must be in economically stricken communities. Only 400 applicants would be awarded the grant.


For fast-act grants, Grants.gov is among the many resources you want to look for if you need whatever type of business grant. They offer grants to minorities, as well as other opportunities.

Grants offered by this organization are flexible. As a company, they’ll tailor the type of grant you’re looking for and match it up with the organization or the business you’re running. It is the perfect resource if you’re looking for business grants. To start, though, you need to create and establish a workspace account so that you’ll be able to use the applications of the system.

The National Association For the Self-Employed Growth Grants

In total, the NASE was able to award nearly $1 million to businesses and small business members. Small businesses can be awarded as much as $4,000, which is given and distributed quarterly.

To apply, you need to be a member of NASE, and then you’ll have the chance to join every quarter that it’s open. You simply need to be a NASE member and then try to apply for the grant by outlining the type of organization you have. Once you’re an annual member, a veteran member, a silver member, and a gold member, you can take advantage of it!

First Nations Development Institute Grants

Being one of the oldest bodies of organization in the country offering grants (since 1993), the First National Development Institute, in total, has given $51.6 million in grants, supporting local and national businesses eligible for it.

You’ll find a lot of different grant opportunities that under the Green Jobs in Indian Country Grant Opportunity, which offers about 10 grants, averaging $100,000 to the eligible organizations by the 20th of April 2022, as well as Strengthening Native Programs & Feeding Family Grants, which offer about $10,000 to 12 nonprofits and community groups, until the 31st of March.

Apply or Learn More about the different Grants available for Small Businesses at Uptrend Business, or watch our Youtube video about it here https://youtu.be/ShJS4C_xieo.

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