Funding Programs

Partnered with only the best lenders,  our Funding Programs already helped thousand of underserved entrepreneurs and small business owners get $5 Million+ funding.

Funding Programs

Small Business Financing Option

Small businesses often need capital to start and grow. It’s one of the first and most important financial choices you can make for your business. Find the best Small Business Loan that fits your Business. 


Small Business Loan

Leverage your loan for everything from capital improvements to financing new equipment or hiring more staff.

Business Line of Credit

Use for managing cash flow to buy more inventory, make payroll, or other challenges.

SBA Loans

Expedite SBA Funding for start-ups and to meet various short- and long-term needs of existing businesses.

Equipment Financing

Provide companies with the capital necessary to purchase needed equipment.

Franchise Financing

Franchise financing with low rates and fast funding.

Merchant Cash Advance

Utilize your future sales to get great financing terms that are tailored for you.

Additional Financing Option

Asset Based Loans

Use for investments in your business, such as expansion projects or large purchases.

AR Financing

Turn your accounts receivables into cash to better manage your cash flow gaps.

Credit Card Processing

Obtain a free cost savings analysis! Save thousands on your credit card processing fees.

Start-up Funding

Fund and Launch your Start-up. Get the funds you need to launch your new business without cash flow challenges. 

Fix N Flip Loans

Get the funds you need for projects quickly and easily.

CannaBusiness Funding

CannaBusiness Financing

We make the process of securing funding for the cannabis industry simple and fast for small business owners.

Veterans' Business Loan

We believe in giving back to our country’s veterans by providing funding solutions for their small businesses in the easiest and fastest process possible, with the utmost respect and compassion.

Healthcare Financing

Loans with Exclusive Benefits for Medical Professionals. Lower Rates, Larger Amounts, & Longer Terms.

Women Empowerment Loan

The first-ever financing product that specializes in providing low-cost financing and technical support to women-owned businesses.

Funding Programs

Best Financing Partner for your Business

Partnered with Newtek and other lenders, we sort and rank over 100 financing options to find the right funding solution for your business.  Through a streamlined process, revolutionary technology, and an educated team of experts.

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