Grant Funds to AAPI-Owned Businesses!

There are tons of grants out there for the asking, but you need to do your research. Most grants have very challenging requirements that must be met 

The month of May celebrates the AAPI or the (Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage), With that; UPS comes to the celebration by providing grant funding to AAPI-owned businesses. 

The $150,000 grant program is part of UPS’s Proudly Unstoppable initiative. And the AAPI Chamber of Commerce & Entrepreneurship is providing help to ensure the administration of the grants.

Eligible businesses may apply for grants of $5,000. 

How to Qualify for the Grant

The guidelines for qualification include being at least 

  1. 51% AAPI-owned.
  2. American for-profit business with no more than three locations or affiliations with a national brand.
  3. Affected by the pandemic.

The UPS emphasizes AAPI entrepreneurs on their website and offers a limited-edition Express Box designed by an AAPI artist themselves, Mojo Wang! This becomes the second year of the program and in the previous year, it was able to award 27 $5,000 grants. 

Previous grant recipients include pet shops, bakeries, artists, wellness brands, and even electrical contractors; this means that businesses in nearly every industry and every part of the country that meets the criteria can apply for funds.


The grant funds are essentially a good thing and would help them observe a faster recovery!  And because of the unfortunate circumstances, AAPI businesses have been some of the businesses that have been impacted by the pandemic over the years. Also, an increase in anti-AAPI rhetoric and hate crimes have certainly exacerbated the challenges in their business. 

AAPI business owners, compared to white, black, Hispanic, and native businesses, are less likely to observe business recovery. but, the rollout of vaccines and the decline in hospitalizations have given hope to AAPI businesses

If you need more help with small business funding or government grants, visit Uptrend Business and see what grants you or your business can qualify for.

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